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With the use of predefined values ​​you can quickly change the calendars that are displayed. For example, to hide your private calendars during work and vice versa. For gadgets and watch there are integrated pre-set values. Ön Ayarları Kullanarak Hangi Takvimlerin Gösterileceğiniz Hızlı Bir şekilde Değiştirebilirsiniz. Örneğin, Iş Sırasında Özel Takvimlerinizi Veya Tam Tersini Gizlemek […]

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The main characteristic of the polymers is that it is a useful chemical made from many repeated units. Repeated units are usually carbon and hydrogen, sometimes oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and silicon. The polymers are found in nature and can occur to satisfy specific needs. The polymers produced can be three-dimensional networks that are not melted […]